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MTZ Charitable Organization, Inc. promotes academic enrichment for school-age youth, improves community access to healthy food, provides mental health wellness and counseling services, and offers programs and activities for older adults.

MTZ Charitable Organization Board of Directors

Case Statement

Read more about the MTZ Charitable Organization Family Life Center.

Emergency Support

If you are in need of emergency food or housing support


“Working with MTZ Charitable Org. has been an incredible benefit to youth at our facility. Thanks to the organization, and its partnerships with local athletes and community members, our youth have regular opportunities to connect with people who sincerely care about them and provide the mentoring and guidance they need. We look forward to future opportunities to partner with MTZ Charitable Org.”

John Bauman

Dane County Juvenile Court Administrator

Juvenile Court Program

“Mount Zion Baptist Church is one of the anchor institutions in our city. Partnering with MTZ Charitable Organization has allowed us to provide health and wellbeing programs to our African American community in a trusted place and space. We look forward to deepening our partnership with the expansion of MTZ Charitable Organization community services at the new Family Life Center.”

Shiva Bidar

Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer

UW Health

"I didn’t have to worry about what it would look like to other people. I just came in and got loved on, as opposed to going into a sterile environment like a hospital or a clinic and being another number.

I was [treated like] a person."

Eunice Conley
MTZ Charitable Health & Wellness Client

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